Discover Innovative Marketing With NewTopia

The sunset of Natural Products Expo East coincides with a positive and transformative development – a new event format that prioritizes more tailored and intentional buyer-to-brand connections. Called Newtopia Now, the upcoming event will offer curated matchmaking within a diverse community of buyers, brands and partners; expanded avenues for emerging and new-to-market brands to participate; imaginative new product discovery opportunities; and the chance to collaborate in shaping the future of the CPG industry.

How do you create innovative marketing?

Newtopia’s clinically proven platform helps people replace unhealthy behaviors with healthy ones. Discover Innovative Marketing with NewTopia enables them to prevent, slow, or reverse chronic disease such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and enrich mental health and resilience. Newtopia’s dedicated health coaches, known as Inspirators, know each participant’s unique needs, personality, and even genetic predispositions – creating an individualized whole-health approach to drive better physical and emotional outcomes. For employers and health plans, Newtopia also reduces healthcare costs – past, present and future.

The future is wellness. Newtopia’s wellness program provides an affordable and effective alternative to the high cost of traditional pharmacological treatments.

This year, the UNFI Natural and Organic Winter & Holiday Show will feature four neighborhoods: Thrive, focusing on nutrition; Regenerate, centered on climate and environmental sustainability; Represent, highlighting social themes and minority-owned businesses; and Glow, showcasing natural beauty and lifestyle products. Each neighborhood will host curated themes, content and activations.

The new format of this event will provide buyers with the opportunity to discover their next best-selling conscious products through facilitated connections, deepened relationships and actionable and inspiring content. This experience is sure to spark innovation in the hearts and minds of buyers, brands and changemakers.