Magic Mushroom in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is the Latest Cannabis Dispensary to Open in Canada

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The shrooms delivery vancouver is illegal in Canada. It’s a Schedule III drug under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, which makes its cultivation, sale and possession a crime — although medical practitioners can prescribe psilocybin to people suffering from mental health disorders.

But a small storefront in Winnipeg is challenging those rules. It’s one of the latest mushroom dispensaries to open across the country. It’s called Magic Mushroom and it opened May 13. The owners have previously launched shops in Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton and Vancouver. Their goal is to get police to look at their operation through the same lens they see other dispensaries in cities like Denver and Portland, Ore.

Tripping in the Rainforest City: Magic Mushrooms Unveiled in Vancouver

Inside the tiny store, there’s magic mushroom art on the walls and books about the mushrooms. The products they sell are dried fungi and edibles that contain psilocybin. But unlike cannabis, psychedelic mushrooms can’t be smoked or vaped. Customers are asked to show their identification to buy the mushrooms and are limited in how much they can purchase.

During my visit, Magic Mushroom was packed. But unlike the crowds I’ve seen in pot stores, the shoppers at Magic Mushroom were mostly older men and women with their own bags of mushrooms to pick up. Many of the customers had been coming to the store regularly for several months. Watching the store fill up with repeat customers was a sign of how eager some users are to buy these mushrooms.