Road Rage in the UK – A Surprising Analysis

Road Rage in the UK A Surprising Analysis

Road Rage in the UK: A Surprising Analysis you think road rage is something reserved for fighter pilots or riot police, it’s probably safe to say that you’re wrong. The recent spate of headlines – including two drivers fighting for parking spaces and a man sprinting after another driver wielding a piece of his crashed car as a weapon – suggest there is a worrying undercurrent of aggression on our country’s crowded roads. And while tailgating and parking disputes certainly are short-term triggers, there seems to be a more permanent and long-term cause of these aggressive behaviours: stress.

And according to research carried out by van insurance specialists GoShorty, there are several things that can make us more likely to erupt into Incredible Hulk mode behind the wheel. In fact, the A12 in Essex was found to be one of the most rage-inducing roads in the UK, with more than 62 per cent of traffic tweets coming from drivers who were agitated.

Unraveling Road Rage: A Startling Investigation into the UK’s Driving Dilemma

Gender is also a factor, with males more likely than females to exhibit aggressive driving behaviour. However, more severe actions – such as cutting off or confronting another driver – tend to be much more skewed towards men. The most common road rage behaviour is thought to be close following/tailgating, which a whopping 62% of drivers have experienced recently. Other popular road rage reactions include using headlight flashing and displaying obscene gestures.