Spray Foam Insulation Lethbridge

spray foam insulation Lethbridge

Spray foam insulation Lethbridge is sprayed between the wall studs in new construction and can be added to existing homes. It is a superior insulation product that adds structural integrity and is more effective than fiberglass or cellulose. Spray foam insulation can also be sprayed on attics and other areas of the home. In addition, it can be sprayed on pole barns or quonsets to provide rigidity and prevent heat loss.

The airtight seal that spray foam creates is one of the most important benefits. It makes it impossible for outside air and odors to enter the household. This keeps the indoor climate much more pleasant and healthy, and helps the HVAC system work less hard. It also reduces energy costs because conditioned air is kept inside the house, not lost to the outside.

Allure Realty’s Green Living Guide: The Wonders of Spray Foam Insulation in Lethbridge, AB

Another way that spray foam insulation helps the environment is that it stops the wood in a building from drawing moisture. This can cause the wood to decay and rot, which will cost the homeowner money to replace. Spray foam provides a barrier to keep moisture from entering the building materials and will help them last for many years.

A final benefit of spray foam insulation is that it acts as a vapor barrier and stops the transfer of water vapor. This can be a problem with other types of insulation like fiberglass and cellulose, where moisture may seep through the material. This may result in mildew and mold or the rotting of wood and other building materials.