Walkways For Safety and Style


A well designed walkway allows you and guests to access areas of the garden or home, while adding a design feature. These paths help reduce wear and tear on your grass while providing a safe way to move around in any weather conditions.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a landscape contractor, creating walkways that add visual interest is a key component to your project. There are four main components to consider when designing your walkways: Width, Shape, Style and Paving Material. Read more https://active-travel.uk/

Walkways can be constructed from a variety of materials. Typically, walkways used for heavy pedestrian traffic should be made of a sturdy and durable material like concrete. However, for secondary pathways or tertiary paths that receive light to moderate pedestrian traffic, gravel or pavers may be a good alternative.

Pedestrian-Friendly Cities: A Blueprint for Modern Walkway Design

Before constructing your walkways, it’s important to prepare the area by digging out any existing plants and leveling the site. You’ll also want to make sure the path is free of weeds and roots. A layer of landscaping fabric should be laid down to prevent weed growth, and then you’ll need to lay in a base material. Crushed stone or sand with fines works well for this, and it will serve as a base to stabilize the pea-sized gravel you’ll use for the walkway surface.

Finally, the gravel or paving material should be spread evenly over the area and compacted with a hand-tamper or power compactor. This will help settle the loose aggregates and provide a more comfortable walking experience.