Linen Crop Tops

Linen crop tops are the ultimate summer boho staple – they look elegant with high waist pants, jeans and skirts. They can also be worn as a light layer in the colder months to keep you warm. Made from soft and breathable linen with a delicate sleeve detail this wrap crop top has a deep neckline in the back and an adjustable front tie O ring. It is a great fit for all body types and can be easily styled with any other garments in your wardrobe.Find out more

Are crop tops attractive?

The reason why linen is so breathable is because it’s hollow fibres allow air to circulate freely and release perspiration quickly, which helps you feel cool, comfortable and refreshed. This is especially helpful in hot weather, when humidity causes the body to sweat, but the linen fabric helps you to avoid dampness.

Unlike synthetic fabrics, linen has natural anti-allergenic properties which make it suitable for sensitive and allergy prone skin. In addition, the cultivation of linen does not require the use of any chemicals such as pesticides, chlorophenols, formaldehyde, allergenic dyes and extractable heavy metals.

Another great benefit of linen is that it does not need much water to grow and produce. It’s a sustainable crop that grows and is processed using less water than cotton, which makes it more eco-friendly and cost efficient. Linen is also more hygienic, because it is bacteria resistant and odor neutralizing. The flax plant is resilient and can withstand poor climate conditions, and it requires fewer fertilizers than other textile crops. It is also more environmentally responsible as the entire plant can be used for linen production, minimizing waste.