The ABRSM Singapore Ultimate Guide

If you are a piano student, you have probably heard of the acronym ABRSM or seen music teachers with letters like DipABRSM, LRSM, and FRSM. These are all qualifications that indicate the level of musical education the individual has attained, awarded by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.Source:

What is Grade 5 ABRSM equivalent to?

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) is an international examinations board that offers graded music qualifications from beginner through diploma levels. The most popular ABRSM exams are the music theory and practical musicianship examinations, which range from grades 1-8. In addition, ABRSM also offers online exams (Performance Grades), which are based on video submission and allow students to focus solely on their performance skills.

In a nutshell, the ABRSM online exams are similar to traditional practical exams, except that they require an unedited and uninterrupted video recording of the student performing their exam pieces. The ABRSM website lists the requirements for submitting videos for these exams, including the time period during which the video must be submitted.

To successfully pass an ABRSM exam, it is important that the student understand and be able to apply all of the skills learned throughout their studies. This includes understanding the structure of a piece, identifying and playing cadences, and interpreting harmonies. In addition, it is vital for the student to be able to perform from memory and improvise. In order to fully benefit from the ABRSM program, the student should work with a well-trained and experienced music teacher in Singapore who is familiar with this curriculum.