Top Multiplayer Online Games You Can’t Miss This Year

Top Multiplayer Online Games You Can’t Miss This Year

There are a lot of multiplayer 우리카지노 out there that you can enjoy with mates. Some are all about friendly competition, others are about collaboration and teamwork while a few offer that mix of both. This list contains the best of those, from esports-ready shooters like Overwatch and Destiny to sprawling open worlds where you can blow your mates’ doors off in one of Rockstar’s Fast and Furious titles or explore miles-deep caverns with a dozen of your friends in ARK.

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Of course there’s also the classic multiplayer games that are still as fun as ever. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch is the latest edition of this beloved series, adding a revamped Battle Mode and new character skins. Grand Theft Auto Online is another enduring multiplayer experience. Create your budding criminal and connect to a server to team up with other players to complete jobs in Los Santos.

If you prefer something a little more intense, PUBG and Free Fire are two popular battle royales to pick up. The former drops you on a remote island to compete against 49 other players in a race to find weapons and stay alive. The latter is less hectic and more focused on survival, but still provides the thrill of a quick match with mates online.

If you’re a fan of systems and glistening graphics, check out Stationeers. It may look Fisher-Price but plays like a hardcore survival sandbox and it’s rolling out on VR devices this winter. And if you’re a fan of couch co-op, Hazelight Studios’ A Way Out is the best recent example of how it should be done well.